My Time At Positano News

I have spent the past five weeks interning with Positano News and working with its director, Michele Cinque. Having just finished my second year of University, Positano News is the first non-student-run publication I have worked for. My first experience working in a real newsroom being in Italy instead of the States was a fantastic and unique opportunity for me and one that has made me extremely greatful to the Sant’Anna institute and Positano News for providing me.

Over the past five weeks, I have learned many valuable lessons about journalism from Cinque and the other journalists here at Positano News. On the first day, Cinque told us that a good journalist wears out his or her shoes. Having made the mistake of wearing heels on my first day, this was a hard but important lesson to learn.

My Uncle works in the journalism industry and one of the most profound pieces of advice he gave me was to let the community see themselves in my paper. Positano News has far surpassed many American newspapers in doing this, and walking is what makes it possible. walking the streets of Piano di Sorrento for just an hour with Cinque, we could talk to enough people to produce multiple stories because we were able to find a story in everyone we talked to. From small business owners to fishermen and musicians to artists, every person we talked to had a story and that story was news. Positano News’s success in reflecting the community was shown when we walked around Piano and Positano and many members of the community would call out “Michele Positano News!”

Besides personal stories, we learned how to really pinpoint the issues a community is facing and write about them. Overcrowded and unreliable public transportation, inflation on goods as simple as paper, ambulances taking too long to respond to accidents, people collapsing with heat stroke, and the big one, too many English-speaking tourists. Writing about these issues that are felt by the community is another way for the community to feel they are being represented and can help lead to these issues being resolved.

The experience was ended perfectly as we went with Cinque down to the beach in Piano and he took us on a boat to show us the caves where old boats sit waiting to be finished. He left us with one final message, journalists must be willing to go to places that other people can not or would not go to. By doing this, journalists can give people access to things they would never discover on their own.

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